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Sunday, 15 September 2013

rahsia hati .


bulan 9 ditempuhi dgn penuh kesibukan. assignment + test + quiz + presentation almost every week x henti2. ada je bnde nk kne buat. and at the end of the month will be the final examination. may Allah give me the strength. insyaAllah . 

rahsia hati? 

through this month i also being going through a hard time with him. mcm2 prasaan ada. kecewa + sedih + marah + rindu + sayang. tambah lagi, ade pulak someone datang mengetuk pintu hati yg sudah berpunya niee. dlm hati nie mcm2 perasaan ada. x terluah dek kata-kata. i already have someone. so please, to you, thank you for being taking care of me but i can't accept you because of several reasons. im so sorry. klau boleh, hati ni x nak sgt melukakan hati sesiapa. tp apakan daya, i am just an ordinary person. sebelum ni, hati ni slalu rasa okay sbb xde sesiapa yg kcau hubungan kami, whether it is him or me. Allah mungkin nak uji saya, sbb slame i with him, i was never be like by anybody. i will always stay loyal to him, no matter what. and it finally comes. while i am hurt, somebody came and give me strength and always asking whether i am ok or not. hati perempuan mana yg x cair... but because of saya still rasa yg saya masih hak org lain and my love for my future fiance is still strong, i cannot accept his love. i can just accept him as a friend. 

today, i have settle this problem with him. 

a day with crying a lot. 
terima kasih Ya Allah. 
to you, im really sorry. i have done a lot of mistake. 
may our love become more stronger. thanks Allah. feeling so badly & sad :((

why was this status sounds like that?

after we have talked, i crying a lot. 
because of many reasons. and the last reason was, 
disebabkan dia rasa x sedap hati, he has prayed to Allah and asked for His guidance for let him know what was actually happen between me and him. and on that night, while he was sleeping, Allah has give him a dream that show i was with someone else. mraung habis laa saya . :((( . x sangka dgn cara tu dia boleh tau. kebesaran Allah. 
but it is not solat istikharah. don't worry okay. :)

now, Alhamdullilah. everything will be okay.. slowly. i have tell him everything he should know. may our love become more stronger. thanks to Allah .  

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